CleanSweep in Action

05th Nov 2021
This year has certainly been challenging, to say the least. As with most businesses in the agricultural sector the supply of parts and reliability of freight has certainly kept us on our toes and we would like to say thank you to our clients for their perseverance during these times. I would also like to take the opportunity to advise anyone who is thinking of planter upgrades to reach out to us as early as possible while we are experiencing longer than average wait times and possible product supply issues.

Summer crop planting has got off to a great start and clients who purchased CleanSweep have definitely been impressed in its ability to remove large stubble loads away in front of the row unit.

FurrowForce sales continue to increase due to its ability to close the slot in the most challenging of soil types.

It’s always great to be sent photos from clients from out in the field and I’ll finish off with a couple of photos that I was sent last week from three growers.

The team at PSSAG wish everyone a safe and bountiful winter crop harvest and hope the weather behaves itself in your patch.

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