Sprocket Charts 20/20 Software Downloads

1st May 2019

Sprocket chart for vSet Sprocket chart for eSet Transmission-Sprocket-Setting-Rate-Chart-60-Cells1 To search all other publications use the following link https://cloud....

Planting Tips

1st May 2019

Ten things to check before planting season: 1. Level the Planter Check hitch height. Make sure the planter’s tool bar is level (vertically) or running slightly up hill. When planters tip down, coulters run too deep and closing wheels run too ...

Sorghum Singulation – Precision Planting Pays

29th Apr 2019

By Trevor Philp; Summer Crop Agronomist, Pacific Seeds Its long been understood that uneven gappy plant stands reduce yield and promote unevenness in corn crops, but it has been assumed that grain sorghum is not affected by this. Grain sorghums abil...