Place Seeds Properly

  • Many seed tubes wear at their exit causing poor spacing as seeds exit the tube
  • Some seed sensors cause seed bounce in the seed tube
  • BullsEye tubes have long life and a smooth path to the trench

Avoid Premature Wear

Prevent early seed tube wear and get long life with the tungsten-carbide tip on the BullsEye tube.  This simple wear tip prevents disk openers from wearing a flap of plastic that slows down the seed as it exits, causing poor spacing.  It's a simple solution to an annoying problem

Eliminate Spacing Issues

Many seed tubes have a sensor that protrudes into the seed tube, which causes the seeds to hit the sensor and bounce, causing poor spacing.  The BullsEye tube prevents this issue with a recessed sensor eye that eliminates sensor interference.  See the difference in the path the seed takes in the time lapse picture to the right.

Consider a Better Sensor

BullsEye has long life and great spacing, but still uses traditional light beam sensors that can give inaccurate population counts in dusty conditions.  Consider WaveVision, a seed tube and sensor that adds sensor technology that will not count dust, providing you with an accurate population no matter the conditions.