Accurate Yield Data

  • Yield maps provide information for zone management decisions
  • Most yield monitors are accurate for the field, but not in zones
  • YieldSense accounts for changes to give you spatial accuracy

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Making Decisions in the Combine Cab

Accurate yield information is one of the most valuable decision tools in any farming operation. Knowing how the different hybrids and varieties yielded in different fields helps us make decisions about what we plant next year. Having better yield data leads to better decisions.

Spatial Accuracy Matters

Getting accurate yield data on a field-level is helpful, but calibrations are time consuming. Getting yield data that is spatially accurate within a field helps make even better decisions. A spatially accurate and easy to calibrate yield monitor provides the best information for the best decisions.

Why it Works

YieldSense is accurate because it is different.  YieldSense uses a flow sensor at the very top of the clean grain elevator to measure all of the crop as it comes off the paddle.  Traditional flow sensors don't measure all of the crop, and calculate yield improperly as a result.  YieldSense also uses a specially shaped clean grain paddle so that the grain comes off of the paddle consistently.  When grain is moving correctly across the flow sensor, variances in flow can easily be measured.

Setup is Simple With YieldSense

YieldSense is simple to use. One simple calibration per crop, per season is all you need to get started. Our unique grain property kit keeps the sensor calibrated as you change hybrids, varieties and moistures within fields, and from field to field.

YieldSense Drives Better Decisions With Data You Can Trust.

Other yield monitors fall short. When speed changes, so does the mass of grain passing the flow sensor, and you get varying results. YieldSense changes the way grain flow is measured. Our patented flow sensor is installed in the correct location, so accurate yield is measured across all mass rates.

With real time yield by hybrid reports, wireless data sharing between combines, and a Grain Property Kit to keep the system accurate, YieldSense gives you the tools you need for better decisions at harvest and beyond.