Know Your Application Rate

  • Liquid rates can vary row to row
  • Typical visual systems do not show the operator if variation exists
  • FlowSense measures flow on each row and displays it in the cab

See What is Really Happening

We all want to know the truth of equipment performance.  Whether it be running well, or an issue that is occurring that is currently not known about, it is important to either be confident in equipment or make an adjustment.  When it comes to liquid, rates, plumbing, pumps, and pulsation can all affect application and most times a problem is unknown.

FlowSense Let's You Know

FlowSense tells you liquid application rate on each row.  Displayed on the 20|20 in the cab, you will know what rate each row is receiving, and be able to fix issues if they are occurring.  

Moving to Control

FlowSense measures what rate each row is applying.  Sometimes, an issue is illuminated which needs a change in control systems to correct.   That is where vApplyHD comes in.  vApplyHD is a control system that incorporates flow measurement, rate control, and swath control into one module that can be configured for section or row-by-row control.  See how it solves common issues in fertilizer delivery systems.