Impeccable Singulation for John Deere Meters Without Adjustment

  • Many vacuum meters require adjustments to double eliminators or vacuum in order to try to be accurate
  • These adjustments still leave performance less than desired
  • eSet replaces internal components of your John Deere vacuum meter to provide adjustment free accuracy

Simple Upgrade, Big Change in Your Stands

You want a picket fence stand that doesn't require a lot of headaches, but the adjustments you have to make on your meters are time consuming and don't give you the results you want.  The eSet meter is a retrofit system that goes inside of a John Deere vacuum meter and uses a flat disk without cells that are sensitive to seed size and shape, paired with a floating singulator that doesn't need adjustments.  You simply set your vacuum, fill the planter with seed, and go.  

For the Type of Planter You Own

Whether you are running Pro Series row units or standard row hoppers, the eSet system will fit your planter

eSet Functionality, With Endless Possibilities - vSet

Precision Planting is the industry leader in metering technology.  What we learned in the development of finger meters and eSet, we have packed into the vSet meter, a complete replacement meter that has many upgrade possibilties.  vSet can pair with electric drives, high speed delivery systems, and multi-hybrid planting systems.  vSet gives you the freedom to add on to the system that you want in the future, as well as providing the best metering performance on the market.